Chase World of Hyatt Credit Card — a Great Deal, a Lousy Deal, or the Greatest Deal Ever?



world of hyatt credit card

Every summer, we go to the Hamptons for a few days, and we always stay at Hyatt Place East End. The weekend summer rates in that part of New York are through the roof, so Hyatt points in locations like that is a lifesaver. Of course, nothing remains the same. I remember Hyatt Place East End as a Category 1, than 2, and now it’s a Category 3 hotel, but even at 12,000 points it’s still a bargain, considering that there are simply no cheap or even much cheaper hotels in the area. Paying for this hotel with points gives me 3.5x value!

This is why I value Hyatt points a lot! And this is why I’m eager to get my hands on as many Hyatt points as I can, but seriously — am I the only one who doesn’t like the new Chase World of Hyatt card?

Don’t get me wrong – I’ll probably get it (or at least try), and I’ll probably get one for my wife (or at least try), but with all the hype, is the new card really better than the older Chase Hyatt?

AFAIK, the old card has been discontinued, so there is no practical value in comparing the two, but it might put a few things in perspective. Let me first talk about something that is important to me and, hopefully, other like-minded individuals rather than status-chasers.

Direct Link to the Chase World of Hyatt Card Application

If you’re thinking like me, the first 4 lines in the table below should be the most important to you.

Old Chase Hyatt Card  New Chase World of Hyatt Card
Sign Up Bonus Easy 45,000 (40,000 + 5,000 for adding unauthorized user) 40,000 + 20,000
Spending Requirements $2K in 3 months $3K in 3 months for 40,000 + $3K in 6 months for 20,000
Annual Fee $75 $95
Free Nights 1 night upon anniversary 1 night upon anniversary + 1 after spending $15,000
Elite Status Discoverist Discoverist
Earning at Hyatt 4x 3x
Earning: Restaurants/Airlines/Car Rental/Transit (Commute)/Gym/Other 2x/2x/2x/1x/1x/1x 2x/2x/1x/2x/1x/1x

The new World of Hyatt credit card is WORSE (for most people)

Let’s brush aside all the hype and think for a moment.

The old Hyatt card gave you an easy 45,000 points for spending $2,000. I won’t even mention the $50 statement credit that was available for a very long time.

This card gives you 15,000 more points for spending $4,000 more. $4,000 amounts to at least $80 in missed cashback opportunities, like the easy Citi Double Cash. Plus you pay $20 in the annual fee.

So, the 15,000 Hyatt points already cost you at least $100.

And, yes, I know that 15,000 Hyatt points cost that much money and then some, but it doesn’t stay there. Hyatt offers a free hotel night for spending $15K annually, so, like the true, bona fide point-junkie you are, you can’t help but think: all right, I’m already spending $6K in the first year, what’s another $9K?

What’s another $9K? It’s another $180 (at least) in missed (easy) cashback opportunities, that’s what. Every time you think you’re out…

The World of Hyatt credit card has better earning rates

It does indeed. Mostly.

  • 1 extra point at Hyatt
  • 1 extra point on “taxis, mass transit, tolls and ride-share services”
  • 1 extra point on gym memberships (seriously?)
  • 1 less point on car rentals

You decide.

The World of Hyatt credit card is better for top status chasers

Both the old and the new cards give you the Discoverist status. But if you are a Hyatt loyalist, the new card lets you achieve the top Globalist status just for the credit card spend.

Here are Hyatt status benefits that make all the difference if you are chasing the top Globalist status.

  • You’ll get 5 night credits every year, and
  • You’ll get 2 night credits for every $5,000 you spend on the card.

Since you need 60,000 points to earn the top Globalist level, the new World of Hyatt credit card lets you reach it by spend alone. Charge $137,500 to the card in your first year, and the status is yours.

Spending that kind of dough just to get status sounds plain crazy to (almost) everyone who isn’t crazy. Which is why feature can only be attractive to business travelers because they can use the card if they’re short of a few qualifying nights.

But the Explorist status is getting more expensive

You used to be able to reach the mid-tier Explorist status by spending $50,000 on the old card. Not anymore: the new World of Hyatt credit card gives you 5 nights annually plus 2 nights per every $5,000 spent. So to get to your 30 nights Explorist threshold, you’ll have to spend $62,500. That’s 12,500 more reasons to put this idea out of your head.

The Explorist status is not that good, but it matches the MGM M life Rewards Gold status and gives you 4 lounge certificates a year.

World of Hyatt Elite Benefits at Glance

If you have the Hyatt card, you can upgrade, but the World of Hyatt credit card has fewer protection benefits

The new card does away with Price Protection and Return Protection. Chase has done it across its whole credit cards, but from what I understand the old Hyatt card still has these:

Price Protection

If a card purchase you made in the U.S. is advertised for less in print or online within 90 days, you can be reimbursed the difference up to $500 per item, $2,500 per year.

Return Protection

You can be reimbursed for eligible items that the store won’t take back within 90 days of purchase, up to $500 per item, $1,000 per year.

The new card doesn’t. So consider carefully whether the new card’s benefits will work better for you, given all the negative changes.

For now, the Chase 5/24 rule doesn’t cover the World of Hyatt credit card.


Like I said: I will apply, but honestly, I don’t like the new World of Hyatt credit card at all. If the old 45,000-point card was still available, I’d apply for it again. However, if you are working on the Globalist status, you’ll find the new card more geared toward your goal.

Are you going to

  • Upgrade?
  • Apply?
  • Do nothing?
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