Chase Ritz-Carlton 140,000-Point Offer is Back!



New Ritz Carlton 140,000 Offer - good for Marriott

Chase Ritz Carlton 140,000 Offer Has Been Revived

I’ll be brief. Get it now, it’s awesome!

The previous Chase Ritz-Carlton 140,000 Point Offer died almost two months ago, and when it was alive, one would have to call with a code. This one appears to be public.

The $395 annual fee is not waived, and the spend is $3,000 this time.

Application Link, courtesy: RedTeam10 (Flyertalk)


  • 70,000-points bonus, and the points work for Marriott, too;
  • Gold Status for the first year and reciprocal elite benefits for Marriott;
  • Low spend: $3,000/3mths;
  • Complimentary airport lounge access for you and the guest;
  • The $300 annual credit for airline incidentals including Global Entree (raised from $200) per calendar year!!!

That’s not all, however. The card has some of the best Visa Signature benefits in the industry. If you missed out last time the Chase Ritz-Carlton 140,000 point bonus was available, grab it now and make yourself a nice Christmas present.

I’ve written two previous posts about this card, here and here.


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You should add a little info on the Marriott vs. Ritz Carlton programs to make this post better as I am going to link to it 😉


in the highlights you wrote 70,000 i/o 140,000 😉


Thanks for the timely post, Andy. After some thought i just decided to apply for this card for both me and my spouse and got approved for both the applications :). Also as TBB pointed out above, i hope you give more information about these programs that would help newbies like me. Of course, Loyalty Lobby already has them but your style of writing is also unique and very informative for newbies (like your hilton book). Hope you find some time.

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