Chase Ink Plus 70,000-Point Bonus Offer Is Now Online!




The Chase Ink Plus 70,000-point bonus has been available for a few months, but you had to go to your favorite Chase branch in order to get it. What a hassle, right? Rejoice; now you can complete your application without having to put on a shirt. The terms are the same as for the regular offer, but the $95 annual fee is not waived.

Is it still a good deal despite the fee? Look, if you seriously have doubts, just cash out 9,500 points and call it a 60,500-point bonus. Yes, it is a great bonus, and if you haven’t received another Ink card bonus within the last 2 years, you are probably eligible. Remember that this is a business card, but you can provide your SSN instead of EIN. Do you sell on Ebay, Amazon, or Craigslist? Do you have a hobby that you hope will be profitable one day? If yes, then yes, you can have a business credit card.

The Application

Diners Club Cards Are Back


After a very long sabbatical, the Diners Club is accepting applications again. Yes, it has some interesting transfer partners, but without a sign-up bonus and some super-enticing perks–why am I supposed to run over and give them the $95-300 annual fee? They would have to do better to compete with boys from the big league. I’ll wait.

If you don’t want to wait, however, here is the lowdown. There are two consumer versions of the card: the Premier ($95) and the Elite ($300).

  1. You get access to 500+ lounges with both cards. However, what “access” means I have no idea. Is it access like Citi Executive access, Amex Platinum access, or is it Chase Ink access where you have to pay $27 for the privilege? The small print says “A fee may be charged to enter select locations. Fees vary by location. Entry and use may be subject to conditions”. Whatever that means!
  2. Both are chip and pin that can be used in unmanned wending machines worldwide.
  3. Both have 0% Forex charges.
  4. Both can transfer to a number of airlines and hotels, including BA, Delta, Alaska, Hawaiian, and many others; here is the FT Wiki.
  5. Both have Primary Collision Waiver.
  6. The Elite has 3X for groceries, supermarkets, fuel, and pharmacies.
  7. The Elite has extended World Elite benefits, like purchase protection and travel interruption insurance.
  8. For full list of bennies check this FT Wiki.

So, they are not terrible cards. If you want a chip and pin card with 0% Forex fee and cheap access to lounges (provided it’s really free), then I recommend the Premier card. If you are a hardcore manufactured spender, then the Elite definitely makes more sense. Me? I have Amex Platinum, Citi Exec and Chase Ritz Carlton for lounges; I have the old Amex Cash for MS, and I have the Barclaycard Arrival for chip and pin. I’ll wait and see if they try and sweeten the pot to win my business. 🙂


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