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I Had to Go to Panama City for Two Days This Week

It wasn’t a pleasure trip. I went for my cousin’s funeral. She was a brilliant woman, successful at everything she put her mind to; business, writing, real estate. She was writing her doctoral when this happened. Despite her long-time illness, she would travel around the world over and over, and she was a mile-and-point junkieContinue Reading

New York Citi Bike Passes from $5

OK, so I am against riding bikes on the streets of Manhattan, and I have explained why in this post. But those of you who won’t listen have a chance to save about 50% off the rack rates, which makes it a killer deal if you are going to ride anyway. Here is the dealContinue Reading

US Air and American Are Now Free to Tie the Knot

This is my Sunday Post at Frugal Travel Guy In a surprising announcement on November 12, American and US Air declared that they had come to the agreement with the Department of Justice to settle (as DOJ put it) “Merger Challenge.” The agreement arrived on the same very day the DOJ announced that  “the JusticeContinue Reading

A Fake Pilot Grounded

It doesn’t take much for a foreigner to get arrested in the US. All they need to do is say that they hate Americans. See? Easy! FBI takes such offenses very seriously and may even slam an offender with federal charges. One Philippe Jernnard of La Rochelle, France, found himself in a serious jam whenContinue Reading

Call from Abroad For $.20 a Minute

T-Mobile won’t charge you for international roaming any longer. I don’t know if they’ve found religion or if decided to hit their enemies (hello, AT&T) where it hurts, but if your travel takes you to one of the 100 countries that are on their list, all you will pay from now on is $.20 perContinue Reading

Freud Would Be Proud (Or Not)

I almost forgot to follow through with Chase and could’ve lost my extra 10,000 Ultimate Rewards points. Always write down and set reminders to check later.Continue Reading

So, You Want to Ride a Bicycle While Visiting New York City?

Don’t. Please! I live here, I drive here, and like most drivers in this town, I hate bicyclists! No, I am not a hateful person, but I hate that they won’t have a problem smashing into my car, let alone leaning on it, I hate that they perversely love riding against traffic, I hate thatContinue Reading

Carnival Cruise out of New York: 8 days for $299!

  OK, for once we have a heavily discounted cruise offer out of New York I caught in my Travelzoo email. You can sail on Carnival Splendor from New York to the Bahamas for $299 (and when I say for once, I do mean it; you must depart on November 17th if you want thisContinue Reading

Flying with kids? How about a nanny?

Express Monorail / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND Nowadays, Mary Poppins doesn’t fly on her umbrella. She flies on Etihad. Etihad Airways is an airline that goes way beyond just getting you from point A to point B; they now help the flying public with their kids. They sound serious about that too; their flight attendantsContinue Reading

To Tip Or Not to Tip?

I have come across two articles in the Lobby blog signed by one Piter Gunn. The author, who used to work as an ex-doorman at one of Manhattan boutique hotels stirred a hell of a controversy by teaching people how they should tip everyone at the hotel (mostly doormen) or face some really dreadful consequences.Continue Reading

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