British Airways Avios Glitches—Yes, More Than One



UPDATE: AA Glitch is fixed. (HT: DansDeals

Despite the numerous naysayers calling me “complicit in the coverup” foradvising people not to panic. Despite some mileage brokers “confirming” that BA Avios would never be the same. No the sky is not falling. My brazen prediction goes on to live another day.

American flights are once again bookable on with Avios.

Which is a good thing because using 4.5K Avios+$5.60…


Alas, there are more…

It used to be  that I could simply enter my information on the left panel upon signing in and search for my award flight right there, on the front page. Of course, there are other airline website that allow you to do that, including AA, United, and Delta (and you don’t even have to be logged in), but this is not the case with most of the foreign airlines that make you click at least 2-3 times before you get to the right page.

I still like this BA function when it works—unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me all the time, and lately, I think, it’s been more about 50/50. Here is what happens.

Avios Glitch

Avios Glitches

Avios Glitch 2

Avios Glitches: Money Instead of Miles

Did you see that? Despite my direct and clear instructions, the BA Avios engine didn’t even attempt to look for an award flight. It went straight to the revenue flights and offered to take me from Bangkok to Honk Kong (via London, no less) for a measly $1,500.

Other times, the system admits being broken right away. Then it may come with this lovely message.

Avios Glitch: You're Sorry?

Avios Glitch: You’re Sorry?

Relax. In both cases, there is a workaround or two. You can log out, then log back in and see what happens. Or you could go down the route of a thousand clicks. Here it is in circles and arrows (kidding).

Avios Glitch Workaround

Go to: Executive Club -> Using Your Avios -> Spending Avios

Avios Glitch: Spending Avios

Avios Glitch: Spending Avios

Click Book a Reward Flight

Avios Glitch Reward Flight

Avios Glitch: Reward Flight

Then enter your information and click Get Flights

Avios Glitch Get Flights

Avios Glitch: Get Flights

That will work. In my case, always.

Avios European Dates Glitch 

If you need to change your search parameters, you might be tempted to click on the button Change. Resist.

Avios Glitch Change

Avios Glitch: Don’t Click Change

When you do, you get this simple screen

Avios Glitch: Dates

Avios Glitch: Dates Glitch

Now, the problem is that it doesn’t matter if you enter your dates the European way (day, month, year) or the American way, you will still get to this screen.

Avios Glitch

Avios Glitch: Error

Workaround? Well, it’s not even a workaround. Just ignore the Change button and use the Start Over button instead. It will make everything right.

Avios Dates Glitch---the Fix

Avios Dates Glitch—the Fix

Avios Glitch

Avios Dates: Glitch Fixed

Admittedly, these errors appear to me more often when I use Chrome rather than IE, but Chrome is a major internet browser, and I don’t see any reason why BA is being so negligent about fixing their website. As to American flights not showing up—well, that’s a completely different story.

Have you encountered any BA glitches? Share with the class.


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Cancelled an award due to schedule change. Normally Avios are redeposited immediately, but the taxes take some time to be refunded. Not this time!

BA says points will go back into my account ‘soon’.

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