BoA Alaska Airlines 25000 Miles and $100 Credit is Back–And Why I Love It!


Yesterday, I wrote about a few credit cards and mentioned that it was possible to get the BoA Alaska Airlines card 25000 miles offer with a $100 statement statement credit by making a dummy booking on their site. While it might’ve been possible for some folks, I couldn’t make the link work, no matter what I tried. So it was very fortunate that Maximizing Money found the working link that makes the whole process straightforward. Here is the link:

BoA Alaska Airlines Card 25000 Miles and $100 Statement Credit Offer

Alaska Airlines Card 25000 Miles

Alaska Airlines Card 25000 Miles and $100 Credit Offer

Why do I love this card so much?

Does it have an enormous sign up bonus?


Do I live in an Alaska Airlines hub?


Do I frequently fly to Alaska?


Have I ever flown on Alaska Airlines?


Why then?

Because of this:

Alaska Airlines 25000 Miles Offer

Alaska Airlines 25000 Miles Offer: Great First Class Emirates Availability

The miniscule 25,000 bonus issue gets fixed by churning — and this baby is churnable like there is no tomorrow! My 1st class Emirate ticket to Bangkok is a result of just a few churns. Of course, I am an idiot spending 100,000 miles on a glitzy one-way ticket; if I wasn’t an idiot, I would’ve gotten myself a cheaper yet perfectly good alternative:

Alaska Airlines 25000 Miles Offer

Alaska Airlines 25000 Miles Offer: the Cheapest Cathay Pacific Business Class

This is cheaper than cheap! Even cheaper than flying Cathay with AAdvantage miles, not even mentioning their own Asia Miles, so next time I’ll try not to be an idiot and fall for the blitz and on-board shower, I promise.

But anyway, the point is, Alaska awards on partners can’t be beat. And $100 statement credit effectively means that they are paying you a $25 Annual Fee.

Me likey!


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[…] BoA Alaska Airlines 25000 Miles and $100 Credit is Back–And Why I Love It!   –   The Lazy Traveler’s Handbook     Makes a case for this card and provides link to the blog that found a direct link to it. Then I was informed on Twitter that Million Mile Secrets made a post showing his flock how he got five of these cards at once. I am about to turn angry now…so I pass. You can track down my angry tweets if you like […]


What’s your churn schedule on this puppy?


Andy, privet!

I am planning Emirates First as well.. was thinking to do DXB-HKG.. But BKK also sounds are you coming back from there?

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