Best Credit Cards for Miles — Free Flights: Updated 6/02



Best Credit Cards for Miles — Delta 50000 and 60000 Offers

Best Credit Cards for Miles — AMEX Delta 50000 and 60000 Miles Offers

A very short post today.

Just updated my Best Credit Cards for Miles — Free Flights.

Added the following offers:

  • AMEX Delta Gold and Platinum public 50,000 and 60,000-mile links for Business and Personal cards.
  • AMEX Enhanced Business Gold Rewards 75,000 Public Offer. It’s interesting that the card now allows you to choose a 3X cashback category.

I am not a proponent of the Delta SkyMiles program. While I don’t believe that they fall into SkyPesos category any longer, they keep being engaged in a deceitful practice by removing their award chart. Having said that, there is no argument in my mind that their online booking engine (despite all the bugs that are still there) has considerably improved. A 60,000-mile bonus means a free roundtrip flight to Europe–I simply don’t see how it can be construed as anything but an excellent bonus, which is begging to take advantage of.

Read this detailed post that pits Delta against United and Americans, and make a bookmark out of it. See award levels (not officially available anymore), rules, zone definitions, etc.

Best Credit Cards for Miles — AMEX Enhanced Business Gold Card 75000 Points Offer

Best Credit Cards for Miles — AMEX Enhanced Business Gold Card 75000 Points Offer

The 75,000-point Business Gold offer is excellent. The $5,000/3mths spending requirement  is not too bad, and there is  a good and healthy choice of partner airlines, my favorite being ANA (read why).

Removed the Alaska $100 statement credit offer finally killed by BoA. Too bad, the card is on my list, but I have procrastinated as long as I could, which is longer than I should’ve. 🙂 Note, however, that is’s still possible to get by making a dummy booking on Alaska Airlines. See this post by Doctor of Credit.


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