American Express Gold Card 50,000 Points Link and a Personal Story



American Express Gold Card 50,000 Points

You have a choice where to apply for the 50,000 points offer, but I’ll appreciate it if you use my referral link.

A few months ago I received an offer to upgrade my American Express Green Card to the Gold Premier Rewards. The offer wasn’t all that great – for one thing, it didn’t waive the $195 annual fee, and it offered a very average 40,000-points bonus after spending $2,000. At any other time I would’ve dismissed this lame offer the moment I laid my eyes on it, but:

  • I had just booked a few flights not long before, having depleted hundreds of thousands of miles and points.

  • I had been denied a few credit cards applications and was severely depressed – just kidding (or not).

  • My Green Card annual fee had just posted – although that had nothing to do with anything, and I don’t know why I even brought it up.  😀

Anyway, I received the card, spent $2K, got my bonus, and promptly put the card in my trusted credit card folder where it’s been sitting all this time, up until now.

Then, 3 weeks ago, the first rumors about the new revamped American Express Gold Card began trickling in. First on Reddit, then on select bloggers’ sites, then everywhere. A few days ago the new card benefits went live. And they are great benefits!

American Express Gold Card 50,000 Points

I believe the new American Express Gold Card benefits outweigh the fee

Time to get this card out of the folder, it seems.

The American Express Gold Card 25,000-Point Offer

This is the public offer. It includes a 25,000-point welcome bonus after spending $2,000 in the first 3 months. As an existing customer, I don’t have this benefit. Here is more info.

  • 4X at U.S. restaurants and U.S. supermarkets

  • 3X on flights (booked with airlines or Amex Travel)

  • 2X on gas for EXISTING USERS ONLY

  • 20% back at U.S. restaurants within the first 3 months, up to $100 (statement credit) for NEW USERS ONLY

  • $120 dining credit ($10 per month) at GrubHub, Seamless, The Cheesecake Factory, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and Shake Shack

  • $100 incidental airline fee credit

  • Annual fee of $250 (not waived) for NEW USERS ONLY

  • Annual fee of $195 (not waived) for EXISTING USERS ONLY

    American Express Gold Card 50,000 Points

    Public 25,000 American Express Gold Card Offer — do NOT apply, for there is a better option!

The American Express Gold Card 50,000 Points Offer

American Express Gold Card 50,000 Points

You get 50,000 points after spending $2,000 in the first 3 months

There are a lot of referral links on Reddit and elsewhere, but I’d appreciate if you used my link to support my blog. You will get 50,000 points, and I will get 10,000 points if you’re approved. You are still getting the highest available bonus.

My American Express Gold 50,000 Points Offer

Let’s Recap

The newly revamped American Express Gold Card offers a world of exciting possibilities, especially for those who know how to use them. I don’t eat out all that often and when I travel, it’s usually overseas, which is not covered by the 4X categories. But if you do, you can effortlessly earn thousands of points. Furthermore, I don’t live in an area with MS-friendly grocery stores (AFAIK). But if you do, the sky is the limit! Luckily, I still need groceries, so even I expect to, at the very least, cover my annual fee. You can fare much better.

  • Can you spend $500 in the first 3 months? It would be difficult for me, but even I could manage. If you eat out once a week, however, you will be hard-pressed not to. $100 credit: Check!

  • Do you still pay for flights? If so, buy an airline gift card. If the new AMEX Gold airline credits work like the Platinum, you should be OK (even if it’s against the T&C). $100 credit: Check!

  • Do you use GrubHub or restaurants listed above? I don’t think it’s so hard to spend $10 a month on CrubHub. We use UberEats, but – hey – free money is free money. $120 credit: Check!

    So for your $250 annual fee, you (if you’re like most people) will get the following:

  • $320 in credits

  • Whatever you earn in 4X categories

  • 50,000 MR points

I don’t expect to pay for airfare in the foreseeable future, so I’ll have to sell an airline gift card at a loss (perhaps for ~$80), and I’m not getting the $100 restaurant credits. But I only have a $195 annual fee. And these 120 GrubHub bucks are as good for me as cash. So even I am coming out ahead.

Are you getting the American Express Gold Card?


6 Responses to American Express Gold Card 50,000 Points Link and a Personal Story

  1. Al says:

    This 50k bonus is not available if you had the PRG card?

    • Andy Shuman says:

      1. Not any hubs. From my observations, the best international deals are from NYC. Boston and LA. Domestic and Caribbean deals can be found from other hubs, I’ve even found some from ATL. As to “long connections,” sometimes, yes, but not necessarily. If you take a look at my screenshots, you’ll see a bunch of nonstop flights at the cheapest rates. So, yes, a mixed bag, I agree.

      2. Unfortunately not.

  2. Carl Pietrantonio says:

    That restaurant deal actually sucks once you read the fine print on WHICH restaurants, etc.

    • Andy Shuman says:

      Which one? The 20% off or $10 a month? The former doesn’t limit you to any specific restaurants, If you mean the latter, GrubHub used once a month is like real cash to me. We probably use UberEats now more often. But if it doesn’t work for you, then it doesn’t.

  3. playwithcards says:

    Andy, would you mind share how long have you had the green and how much spent until you received the upgrade bonus? Have been waiting for this for a long time. Thanks!

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