All Inclusive Dominican Republic: $50 PPPN or Less in a 1-BDRM Suite — AGAIN!



All Inclusive Dominican Republic

The All Inclusive Dominican Republic Resort Deal

As far as I’m concerned, this is a public service announcement. Lifestyle Tropical is a huge and sprawling All Inclusive Dominican Republic resort featuring beautiful 4-star + grounds, over a dozen different pools (some with waterfalls), lots of activities, and quite decent, although NOT  gourmet, food in over a dozen restaurants. I’ve been to that place number of time, and I have written about it extensively — they should hire me to be their enthusiastic spokesperson, but they will not because…

They sell timeshare. You are not required to attend a presentation, but they are sure hoping you are. Remember that, and you will be fine. A gentle No, thank you and a smile have yet to kill anyone.

I’ve been there three times, I think. First and second time we paid $12 and $15 per person and they put us in a junior suite. It was fantastic. Third time we paid $19 per person, and they put us in an old, lousy hotel room that, yet, failed to spoil our vacation. I guess they had abandoned all the hope to sell Timmy and me their timeshare because they haven’t approached us even once! We still enjoyed ourselves — the room be damned.

The Link

All Inclusive Dominican Republic $50 a Day Resort: VIP Beach

This deal is better!

A similar Groupon deal shows up every now and then, and this is much better. Yes it’s more expensive (and they now charge about $5 in taxes and fee per day), but you get much more than a basic room. I will paste the links to my previous reviews so you decide if it’s worth it or not.

All Inclusive Dominican Republic $50 a Day Resort: VIP Beach Jacuzzi

All Inclusive Dominican Republic

Included in all-inclusive stays:

  • All meals and drinks at onsite locations, including local beers, premium spirits, house wine with dinner, juices, and soft drinks
  • VIP package, including access to VIP beach, VIP pool, and VIP sports bar
  • Access to Ice Nightclub (including drinks listed above)
  • NEW BENEFIT: Access to the NV VIP Beach (see the Q&A)
  • Green fees at Los Mangos golf course (once per person per stay along with courtesy transportation)
  • Access to special Groupon concierge from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

And did you get my bit about top shelf liquor? Just checking. 

All Inclusive Dominican Republic $50 a Day Resort: Waterfall Pool

All Inclusive Dominican Republic

These are the links to my previous posts about this resort. Read them and you’ll know everything there is to know.

Lifestyle Tropical: Great $50 PP All Inclusive Deal in a 1bdrm Suite in Dominican Republic Is Back

$15 All-Inclusive Deal at Lifestyle Tropical in DR for 15 Hours On Cyber Monday

Cheap $19 All Inclusive Resort — for Last-Minute Travel in December 2014

The Crazy $19 All-Inclusive Deal in the Dominican Republic is Alive Again!

No, Not Again! All Inclusive Resort in DR for $19 PPPN!

All Inclusive Dominican Republic $50 a Day Resort: VIP Beach: Lazy Pool

All Inclusive Dominican Republic

More info

  • Summer stays cost more (too hot anyway).
  • The voucher covers two adults.
  • Kids up to 3 stay free, 4-11 — $20 a day,
  • Third adult in the room — $82 a day (better book another room for $99 and spread out).
  • Extra bed in room is available for free (email the property)
  • You will need to make reservations for the à la carte restaurants as early (like early morning) as possible.

How to make this deal better

Ebates has 15% off 250 stores including Groupon.

All Inclusive Dominican Republic Groupon

I had my doubts whether or not the cash back applies to Groupon Getaways, so I shot an email to Ebates asking for clarification, and it seems it does.

Thank you for your email. Currently, Groupon and Groupon Getaways are offering 15% Cash Back.  The only exclusions would be deals that are sold and fulfilled through a third party website.  As long as you are able to click through and complete your order on the Groupon website, it will be eligible to earn 15% Cash Back.

So if you do get 15% back, the price goes down to $42.50 PPPN plus about $5 taxes and fees. I’d say $96 for two people in a suite at a beautiful resort is not a deal, it’s a steal!

You’re welcome! 🙂

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