Airline Fare Wars: USA to Mexico for $188-$209


I love to see airlines fight. Per Flight Deal, there is a price war going on right now between AA and United.

United has been attacking American / US Airways fares this week to Mexico. American is finally returning the favor out of:

  • Newark [EWR]
  • Chicago [ORD]
  • San Francisco [SFO]
  • Denver [DEN]
  • Houston [IAH]
  • Cleveland [CLE]

Available destinations are:

  • Cancun [CUN]
  • Puerto Vallarta [PVR]
  • Cabo San Lucas [SJD]

Update 6/26/2015 @ 5:15PM Eastern – gone from Chicago. We are still seeing availability from the rest of the listed cities.

Update 6/26/2015 @ 8:30PM Eastern – price drop. Under $200 for Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. About $205 for Cabo San Lucas. CHEAP!

Since it’s kinda late (and I’m not really planning a trip to Mexico), I didn’t go to ITA, but hit Priceline instead to see what’s going on. The first few searches for both Cancun out of Newark gave me 80% success rate. My tries with Cabo and Puerto Vallarta were less productive: I would either not get low fares at all, or I’d get an overnight layover. I would say my success rate was a bit lower, about 40% (2 tries out of 5). But I have found them all eventually, with reasonable layover times.

Best flights with the shortest layover time I’ve found, were on US Air.

Fare War to Mexico: New York to Cancun

Airline Fare Wars to Mexico: New York to Cancun

Fare War to Mexico: New York to Cabo San Lucas

Airline Fare Wars to Mexico: New York to Cabo San Lucas

Fare War to Mexico: New York to Puerto Vallarta

Airline Fare Wars to Mexico: New York to Puerto Vallarta

These fares won’t stay alive for much longer. If you still see them in the morning when you wake up, make sure to grab them quick!

Please go to the Flight Deal site and book your flights over there, since they get a few coins when you do, and they totally deserve it!


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