A Few Good Things We Are Losing in September



Credit Cards

The better Chase United Airlines 55,000 Mileage Plus Miles and $50 credit: expires September 2 (there is still time)

The better American Express Delta Airlines 50,000 SkyMiles and $50 creditexpires September 8 (there is still time)

New Checking Account Bonuses

Astoria Bank: $250 bonus (NYC only). Expires Sep 1. (Gone)

Capital One$250 Bonus for the new business account. Expires Aug 31. Gone.

US BANK: $150 bonus expires Sep 12. (there is still time).

Evolve Devaluation

It’s not like we are losing  Evolve; what will be lost is the ability to use their service multiple time per biller. 

Evolve Money will be implementing a limit of one payment per biller account per month. This change takes effect September 1, 2014

Hope, I didn’t miss anything. Really hope.

On a bright side, I’m going to Cancun in 10 days (under a guise of attending a travel (#TBEX) conference). And this Monday, I’m taking my family to decaying and decomposing Atlantic City for a few pre-school days of sun and fun. Looking forward to catching its last semi-glorious days while [some of] the city is still standing; that is, before it gets completely overrun by elements, stray dogs and New Jersey politicians.

Oh, wait, I’ve already mentioned elements. My bad!



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