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Lifestyle Tropical: Great $50 PP All Inclusive Deal in a 1bdrm Suite in Dominican Republic Is Back

I’ve posted about the LifeStyle Tropical many times over, and now, their last GREAT deal is back for bookings into June, also via Groupon. If you want a cheap all With this deal, you get a 1-bedroom suite and access to the VIP venues meaning top shelf liqueur. Please read my latest post and, for thoseContinue Reading

$15 All-Inclusive Deal at Lifestyle Tropical in DR for 15 Hours On Cyber Monday

$15 per person per night at an all-inclusive resort! Worth it or not worth it? Not only it’s worth it, but it’s worth setting a reminder to be the first to get this deal. What a coincidence! I just came back from this resort a few days ago and wrote about its pro and consContinue Reading

All Inclusive Dominican Republic: $50 PPPN or Less in a 1-BDRM Suite — AGAIN!

  The All Inclusive Dominican Republic Resort Deal As far as I’m concerned, this is a public service announcement. Lifestyle Tropical is a huge and sprawling All Inclusive Dominican Republic resort featuring beautiful 4-star + grounds, over a dozen different pools (some with waterfalls), lots of activities, and quite decent, although NOT  gourmet, food in over a dozen restaurants.Continue Reading

Is 30% AMEX MR Transfer Bonus to JetBlue a Good Deal?

I’ve never considered revenue-based JetBlie TrueBlue a good frequent flyer program, even though I do like their seat configuration and the whole idea of civilized flying in economy. The only time I did use TrueBlue points was when I flew to Puerto Plata to stay at the Lifestyle Tropical AI resort in the Dominican Republic.Continue Reading

$45 PP for a 1BDR Suite at My Favorite All Inclusive Resort in Dominican Republic

  UPDATE: The old deal is dead, but the new, albeit a weaker deal has emerged. Links are updated. The gist: 1. No more one-bedroom suite. Either a regular “superior” room or junior suite for $30 more. 2. Access to premium bars is still there. 3. Not a bad deal after all, but nothing to write home about.Continue Reading

Cheap $19 All Inclusive Resort — for Last-Minute Travel in December 2014

  My secret FB group member has alerted me to an unadvertised $19 per person per night rate at the Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa and Cofresi Palm Beach & Spa Resort (which is just another part of the same resort, but newer, more modern and more attractive). I have been to this resort three times soContinue Reading

$29 at All-Inclusive DR Resort, My New Book is Out, Avis Free Weekend Car Rental.

My New Book is Out That’s right, my own plug comes first! 🙂 Honeymoon and Luxury Travel is absolutely perfect for newbies and intermediate hobbyists alike. Take the anguish out of your lives and start living, while you’re still learning. It has everything you need to organize your perfect luxury trip. You and I can make fun aboutContinue Reading

That $19 Offer for an All Inclusive Resort Is Still Working, And a Hack

  Gone as of 08/06 The $19 PPPN offer I wrote about in my previous post: No, Not Again! All Inclusive Resort in DR for $19 PPPN! is still going strong even after the supposed expiration date. No surprise there, as they did it in the past, too. One thing I forgot to mention, however, is that evenContinue Reading

No, Not Again! All Inclusive Resort in DR for $19 PPPN!

  I don’t know what the hell is wrong with these guys, but just three weeks after their Fourth of July Sale, Cheap Caribbean is putting them on sale again, this time as a part of a bigger promotion. I have covered this resort so many times before, that I am not going to doContinue Reading

The Crazy $19 All-Inclusive Deal in the Dominican Republic is Alive Again!

  OK, folks, listen up: ignoring a deal as good as this one just because “it sounds too good to be true” is stupid. As I wrote about Lifestyle Tropical and their insane (but insanely profitable, too) marketing antics several times before, there is nothing wrong about this resort, and there are a lot of thingsContinue Reading

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