Zanzibar, Ngorongoro, Kilimanjaro… just two credit cards away



Natalie on my Facebook page asked if it’s possible to travel to Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania without having to refinance her house:-). This is how. Is everyone listening?

1. Go here and apply for 2 Citi AA credit cards for 100,000 miles. Yes, you can and should apply for 2 cards at the same time, but there is a trick to it. You need to apply from 2 different computers (or two separate browsers) and apply quickly or you’ll be denied. Don’t worry that the landing page doesn’t show; you’ll still get the miles. If in doubt, read the latest post from this thread

2. If you don’t get instant approval for one of the cards, call the number on the screen and confirm you want both cards. You will normally get it.

3. You will receive 100,000 American Advantage miles after completing spend requirements.

4. Go to website and find your flights (I’m going to fly you from NYC since you didn’t tell me otherwise). You must be somewhat flexible in order to save as much as you can. Here is the problem, though. You can’t avoid flying American partner British Airways on this route, and usually an overnight in London so you will have to pay their fuel surcharges from $600 to $900. Well, you can, theoretically, but it’s a pain to arrange. You don’t want pain, right?

5. The best and the most economical way to get there is taking AA both ways across the pond, and BA to Africa, as in the example below. Good Luck!



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