$29 at All-Inclusive DR Resort, My New Book is Out, Avis Free Weekend Car Rental.


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My New Book is Out

That’s right, my own plug comes first! 🙂

Honeymoon and Luxury Travel is absolutely perfect for newbies and intermediate hobbyists alike. Take the anguish out of your lives and start living, while you’re still learning. It has everything you need to organize your perfect luxury trip. You and I can make fun about Wendoming all we want, but when something must be perfect, it’d better be well-researched. I think even the pros would find a thing or two they haven’t thought about before. Check it out!

Honeymoon and Luxury Travel: Cheap and Free (The Lazy Traveler’s Handbook Book 4)

All My Books

I priced it at $0.99 for a limited time to gain some traction, and I will set it eventually around $5, I think. I rarely discount my books, most of all, because I put a lot of sweat into them, because they are the best teaching guides on the market, and because all my readers get my undivided attention when they need their questions answered. Go ahead, find another author who would love his readers so much! 🙂

$29 at All-Inclusive DR Resort

Lifestyle new

The Lifestyle Tropical in Puerto Plata in DR is at it again. I have stayed there twice before, and I am staying there again in two months. This new offer is more expensive than the previous ones, as I’ve stayed there for $12 and $15, and my next stay is $19 a night. $29 a night still beats everything else in the world, so if you have missed out on their previous deals, this is a solid offer. The resort is huge, the grounds, the pools, and the VIP beach are fantastic; the food could be better, but it’s perfectly fine by me. Also note, it’s on the Altantic ocean, so do not expect the vibrant colors of the Caribbean Sea.

I’ve written so much about the Lifestyle Tropical, that it would be enough for a series of investigative reports. I don’t feel like doing it again, so here is the link to one of my reports that has links to other reports. Check them out.

Previous Lifestyle Tropical Deals

Free Weekend Car Rental with Avis First membership 

Avis First

As a World Elite MasterCard card holder, you are entitled to the elite memberships in Avis (Avis First) and National (Emerald) programs. Supposedly all you need to do is call your World Elite phone number, and they should take care of you. It won’t happen. I’ve called twice, and the CSRs had no idea what I was talking about. One tried to tell me I had to be invited–which is true–but not helpful at all. As I was browsing blogs and forums, I stumbled upon a comment on VFTW with an email addresses for Avis and National to get the invitation. The National email address did not work for me, but Avis sent me an invitation within 24 hours. I have already registered and gotten the confirmation email about the free weekend rental.

You already have a World Elite Master Card if you hold Citi Executive or Barclaycard Arrival. If you don’t, just check if you have any other Master cards with World Elite logo on them. E-mail your request here: avis.first@avis.com.

I apologize for not sending my newsletter today, but I was too busy with the book, smoothing things out at the last moment. Will send it tomorrow, that’s a promise.


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