2 Days Left for the 25% Iberia Avios Promotion: 25,500 Avios to Europe in Business Class and More


Combined with Iberia Off-Peak redemption rates, this Iberia Avios Promotion can be an amazing value for traveling to Europe — just slightly higher than that long-gone legendary 21,000 Business Class Etihad redemption to Brussels. Iberia Peak redemption rates are as follows.

Iberia peak rates with a 25% Iberia Avios Promotion discount, taxes and fees

CityEconomy Blue: Peak/25% offEconomy Full:
25% off
Premium Economy:
25% off
25% off
New York, Boston, Chicago22K/15K + $7428K/21K
+ $74
+ $74
+ $86
Miami, Los Angeles25,000/18,750 + $86-$97*35K/26,250 + $86-$9743,750/32,800 + $86-$97 62,5K/46,900 + $97-$108*

*from Miami/LA

See what I mean? 25% off 22,000 (the Blue Basic Economy rate) would result in 16,500, not 15,000. What we have here is about 28% off. not 25%. The other discounts work out as advertised.

Here is the Iberia Off-Peak table with the discount, taxes and fees

City Economy Blue: Off-Peak/25% off Economy Full:
25% off
Premium Economy:
25% off
25% off
New York, Boston, Chicago 17K/12,750 +$7422K/16,500 + $7425,500(?)/19,150 + $7434,000/25,500 + $86
Miami, Los Angeles 21,250/15,950 + $86-$9727,750/20,800 + $86-$9731,750/23,800 + $86-$97 42.5K/31,900 + $97-$108

And here is the Iberia Avios Peak and Off-Peak calendar. Remember that the 25% discount applies only to flights to/from Madrid between September 1 and December 14, 2019, and you must book by March 27. The time difference between the East Coast and Madrid is +6 hours, and, if I’m not mistaken, last time they were running an offer well into the morning.

Here is a Peak/Off-Peak Calendar.

Let’s see if we can identify the winners (from Unicorn-grade redemptions to simply great deals).

  • New York, Boston, Chicago
    • Off-Peak: 25,500 Avios in Business; 19,150 in Premium Economy
    • Peak: 37,500 Avios in Business; 26,250 in Premium Economy
  • Miami, Los Angeles
    • Off-Peak: 31,900 Avios in Business; 23,800 in Premium Economy
    • Peak: 32,800 in Premium Economy; 46,900 in Business

Are Iberia seats any good?

Reports I’ve read about Iberia Premium Economy seem to indicate it’s a good product with a 2-3-2 seat configuration, generous recline, excellent service, and really decent food. All the above Premium Economy deals are excellent, especially for a short, 7-hour flight from the Northeast.

As to Business Class, 25,500 Avios for a trip to Europe just doesn’t get any better than this. For the West Coast, 46,900 Avios is edging toward the normal range (especially considering the fuel surcharge), but we’re talking about an 11-hour flight. I’d say — still a bargain.

Iberia has a staggered 1-2-1 Solstis seat configuration with a large and wide footwell, which I enjoyed on my way back from Madrid — especially after toughing it out (LOL) in a Zodiac seat on American from JFK.

Iberia Business Class Award Space

From good to bad:

  • Miami (excellent!)
  • New York
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles

There are no shortages of Economy award seats from any of these cities, but Premium Economy and especially Business Class can be hard to come by. So much so, that I would recommend making a positioning flight to Miami (not from LA of course) if you’re unable to find those seats elsewhere. Even though a flight from Miami is more expensive, availability seems to be very good.

Iberia Fuel Surcharges

Iberia fuel surcharges are reasonable. Business Class surcharges are slightly higher than coach. From New York, the fuel surcharge would be around $114.

Not interested in Madrid? It doesn’t matter!

Iberia and its low-budget affiliate Vuelis can take you wherever you want, including the beaches of the Canary Islands, which is a perfect winter beach destination. And it doesn’t cost that much, just 11,250 Avios and $31 in Economy or 15,000 Avios and $40 in Business. In many other cases, though, cash tickets can be dirt cheap if you’re OK with a short flight in Economy. Here are Iberia routes in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Let’s recap

To take advantage of the 25% Iberia Avios Promotion you should book your flight by March 27 to travel between September 1 and December 14, 2019.

Double-deep this discount with Off-Peak redemption rates, and you get yourself an incredible unicorn-grade bargain. Even the most expensive redemption rates from Miami and Los Angeles are a bargain because:

  • A flight between Los Angeles and Madrid clocks in at 11 hours.
  • Miami has a better Business Class availability than all other cities.

If you don’t have any Iberia Plus miles, you can transfer your British Airways Avios or Amex Membership Rewards or Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

What do you think? Are you or have you already taken advantage of this deal?

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Is the QF search engine an accurate reflection of what Iberia is really offering?

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