Cheap $19 All Inclusive Resort — for Last-Minute Travel in December 2014




My secret FB group member has alerted me to an unadvertised $19 per person per night rate at the Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa and Cofresi Palm Beach & Spa Resort (which is just another part of the same resort, but newer, more modern and more attractive).

I have been to this resort three times so far and paid from 12 to $19 per person. I have also had a lot of fun there; otherwise I would not have kept coming back — even for $12-19 a day. You can find plenty of information about this resort here:

$15 All-Inclusive Deal at Lifestyle Tropical in DR for 15 Hours On Cyber Monday

Again, this deal is not currently advertised, so here is what you need to do to find this rate.

  1. Go to
  2. Search for Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa or Cofresi Palm Beach & Spa Resort. I recommend Cofresi. Make sure you’re seeing the rate $38 per room.
  3. Follow the “protocol”. 4-7 days, 2 adults, no kids. You need to finish your stay by December 19. Any deviation will make the price considerably more expensive. Note that some days show higher $24 a day per person. Still a great deal.
Cheap All Inclusive in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic |Cofresi Palm Beach Section,

$19 a day All Inclusive. I recommend booking Cofresi Palm Beach Section

There is a chance you might be upgraded to a Junior suite, but if not, you should be ready to stay in a regular room, which might be reasonably nice, or it might be a dump depending whether you do or do not get a renovated room.

We had been upgraded to JS two times out of three, but this last time they put us in a crummy little room with an old CRT TV, two non-working electrical outlets, and lousy bathroom. Another difference from the previous visits that knocked my socks off was that no one tried to accost me with timeshare presentations. This strange behavior combined with a lousy room made me wonder if it was their way to tell us to stop freeloading.

But, on the other hand, our requests for service and restaurant bookings went through without a hitch. So I’m probably paranoid.


$19 a day All Inclusive. My room in 2014. A huge downgrade from Junior suites, I’ve been placed twice before. Compare with the room below.

Cheap All Inclusive in Dominican Republic | Junior Suite

$19 All Inclusive in Dominican Republic | Junior Suite


$19 All Inclusive | Back to our last room: If you thought they didn’t make those anymore, you were right, they don’t.

Even so, the electrical outlet was fixed quickly, the air-conditioner worked great (although I’m not sure, I was able to control it, sometimes it seemed my twiddling with the thermostat made a difference and other times it did not). I befriended our maid, and she kept bringing me Diet Coke unfailingly starting from the day 3. During my previous visits to the resort, I had never been able to get them to bring Diet Coke to my room, no matter how hard I tried. There are obviously some deep-seated issues with Diet Coke at this resort.

And the balcony was nice, too, although the view… Well, the view is for suckers!

Read this post about the pros and cons of the resort:

$19 PP a Day for an All-Inclusive Hotel. Does It Go Better Than That?

There are two new cons I discovered during my last visit. First, the VIP beach bar removed all top-shelf liquors except Dewars. Since I’m not a scotch guy, that made me sad. The second, more serious issue is that their WiFi is lousy. The signal drops frequently, and it’s a pain to wait until it comes back. Since this is a huge resort, however, some locations might be better and worse than others. The only reasonable WiFi option is 5 days for $60.

Here are a few more pics to push you over the edge. 🙂

Cheap All Inclusive Resort in Dominican Republic | By the pool

$19 All Inclusive Resort in Dominican Republic | Living a high life

Cheap All Inclusive in Dominican Republica | No Diving rule is strictly enforced

$19 All Inclusive in Dominican Republic | Am I a world-class athlete or what?


Cheap All Inclusive in Dominican Republic | Best massage in the world

$19 All Inclusive in Dominican Republic. Best gravity massage in the world | Only the massage table is missing.


Cheap All Inclusive in Dominican Republic | Burgers wait for no man

$19 All Inclusive in Dominican Republic | Timmy: always working 🙁


Cheap All Inclusive in Dominican Republic | Pools with waterfalls

$19 All Inclusive in Dominican Republic | Awesome 3-level pool area with waterfalls in Cofresi

Cheap All Inclusive in Dominican Republic | Another awesome pool

$19 All Inclusive in Dominican Republic | Pool in Cofresi

I have written so much about this place that I don’t know what else I can really add except just go for it! Go, unwind, relax, enjoy gorgeous pools, excellent animation teams, cool-water Jacuzzis at the VIP beach, decent food, terrific and friendly service, and a lot of smiles.

Too good to be true? Come on, don’t be like that. You do know better! 🙂


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