Insane Sale to LA: $115 from Chicago, $144 from New York and more cities ROUNDTRIP! Hurry up!



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Incredible American Airlines Sale to LA: Fall 2015

As per Flight Deal and Thrifty Traveler, American Airlines has an incredible sale between LA and a few other cities:

  • Minneapolis – $158
  • New York – $150
  • Chicago – $115 (Non-stop)
  • Balitmore – $166
  • Washington (DCA) – $186
  • Boston – $150
  • Philadelphia – $150

Use ITA Matrix software or Google Calendar to search for these two months—I was able to find tickets as low as $144 from LGA!!! Move fast if you need a cheap transcontinental flight, as these fares won’t last. Once again, search flights in  September and October.


Incredible American Airlines Sale to LA: Fall 2015



Fantastic Deal at an SPG Miami South Beach Hotel

I used to love TravelZoo, but I’ve been disappointed with their pickings lately, and by lately, I mean the last couple of years. This deal, however, seems to be a real McCoy. The cheapest $119 rate is not the best offer here, although it is a fantastic deal for an oceanside South Beach resort—you won’t findContinue Reading

Deals, Miles, Points, and Credit Cards: Weekly Recap

My lists of best credit cards for Free Flights and Free Hotel Stays are updated Best Credit Cards for Miles — Free Flights Best Credit Cards for Points — Free Stays Spirit Air Business Credit Card 15,000-Mile Offer Despite what you might think you know, Spirit miles are extremely valuable if you live in aContinue Reading

The New IHG PointBreaks List: 7/27-10/31

  Thanks to Loyalty Lobby, we now know how the new list of IHG PointBreaks will look (comes out on Monday, 7/24). The list is not published yet, but when it is you will find it at this link: IHG PointBreaks List 7/27-10/31 Unlike the last list that was exclusively full of duds, this one really hasContinue Reading

Spirit Airlines Credit Card is Here—Business This Time

Yes, I know. I’ve already spent more bandwidth than I should, defending this despicable airline. What can I say? I love to find deals when other people say meh. I don’t care what it is, Spirit or Delta, as long as I’m convinced that there is a deal to be had. Last week, Spirit Air and BofAContinue Reading

Deals, Miles, Points, Credit Cards — Weekly Recap

It’s been a good week in general. Here are the highlights. $2,000 BofA Business Banking Bonus This Chasing the Points write up is the most interesting deal I’ve read about last week. Because no matter how we are enamored with miles and points, cash is still the king. Open Bank Of America Small Business Accounts And ReceiveContinue Reading

Delta’s Devaluation—A Contrarian Approach

  Everyone has gone ballistic on their latest shenanigans. What makes most people fuming is one paragraph from the new Delta announcement: Award Price Changes We know your miles are important, so we want to provide the most notice possible regarding Award price changes. For travel on or after June 1, 2016, the number ofContinue Reading

How FICO Is Scoring CREDIT INVISIBLES and What It Means to Us

Credit Invisibles sounds kind of catchy, doesn’t it? Almost like a movie title. I can see how it could sell very well, especially the sequels. Think about it. CREDIT INVISIBLES, RATED R. CREDIT INVISIBLES II: THE ABYSS. CREDIT INVISIBLES III: THE DAY OF RECKONING.  Sounds good, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this is not about a movie. This isContinue Reading

Guess Who Doesn’t Care About Spirit Airlines?

Gary Leff has written quite a few posts about Spirit suckiness, so it’s almost like deja vu every time. Of course, all of them are about how terrible Spirit Airline is and how no one in their sound mind should ever board this terrible, terrible airline. I know, shocking! Who could’ve thought, right? No, seriously—Spirit Airlines is a terrible airline. ThisContinue Reading

British Airways Avios Glitches—Yes, More Than One

  UPDATE: AA Glitch is fixed. (HT: DansDeals)  Despite the numerous naysayers calling me “complicit in the coverup” foradvising people not to panic. Despite some mileage brokers “confirming” that BA Avios would never be the same. No the sky is not falling. My brazen prediction goes on to live another day. American flights are onceContinue Reading


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